It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, an introvert or extrovert – we welcome everyone joining the #RaccoonsFAM who agrees to follow our standards.

However, if your Team is looking for an Organization to get into and to receive Support from, then you are also very welcome to join us. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Community Team, Academy or Main Team. We support all of our Teams. Teams are also more than welcome to join the Family itself, we don’t want to exclude anyone.

Please note: We take the right to give out warnings or to remove someone from the Insane Raccoons if any of the below named rules / values were broken. We also take the right to change these Rules and Values at any time, without notification. Last updated: January 2020


| What we’re looking for

» German speaking community member (18+)
» DACH Region competitive players / teams (18+)
» Partnered and Community Streamer (18+)

| What we have to offer

» Active & nice people to play all sorts of games with
» Supportive and structured Staff Management in all categories
» Organized Streaming Team helping out with Newbies or even professionals 

» Teamspeak³ Server with a fun-area to create your own channels in & Discord
» Member Area on our Homepage with internal votes, notes and more
» Regular IRL / IG Events as well as Regular Giveaways
» Support including Server, potential registration fees and more…

| Respect our Values

» Everyone has a life, we do too.
» Courage is what it takes to speak.
» Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.
» Show respect and treat others, how you want to be treated.

» Speak up and do not wait for too long, the issue won’t solve itself.
» Judge after you got to know someone.


| Rules to apply in general

» The Membership can be ended from both participants, at any time.
» As a Supporter / Member it is obligatory to join our official Steam group.
» Hate-Speech, Racism, Sexcism or any other violent form of communication is strictly forbidden. This applies to written and spoken communication on all official Insane Raccoons platforms and groups, as well as when representing our tag and logo when being InGame.
» A functional and well working Headset is required.
» All Member or Teams agree to change their Steam Avatar to our official Insane Raccoons Avatar.
» It is not allowed to be part in another Esport / Gaming Community. Exceptions have to be arranged with the Insane Raccoons Management.
» Staff Instructions have to be followed.

| Rules to apply InGame

» We do not tolerate any flaming, hating or other violent behavior while communicating with other players.
» Players have to follow the Games given policies as well as their general business terms.
» Intended feeding, trolling or unsportslike behaviour are strictly forbidden. 

| Rules to apply on Teamspeak³ / Discord

» Shake whatever negative incident, you had throughout the day, off and smile when talking to people.
» Abusing your rights on Teamspeak is not allowed (example: Moving people around without their will)
» Recording, Whispering and playing unnecessary loud soundboard noises is forbidden.(TS3)
» Your Name has to include your Gamertag you’re known as, but shouldn’t include any bad words. 



Read our Rules & Values above

By applying to the Insane Raccoons Community, you automatically agree to follow and honor them.


Register your account now!

» There are no costs. It’s all for free.
» You can always undo your membership.
» 90+ Members are waiting for you.


Have your Introduction

Once applied, the apropriate Staff, depending on the situation, will contact you. Please wait patiently.


Now what?

We will see if we fit with each other. There’s no trial, but you do indeed start as a Supporter with less rights as a Member.

We will make sure to open applications again soon!