Why the name though?

“When creating the Insane Raccoons, I wanted to create a family as insane as I am. But I couldn’t just choose anything with it, but back then I absolutely wanted to have an animal in the name. Some friend jokingly said “Take Raccoons” and that’s the story of how I met…came up with the name!” – Nayail, 2017

The Community is DACH, why is the Homepage in EN?

EN is a common language, everyone should at least know the basics of. Since we wanted to work with international Partners and Players from the beginning on, we decided to also keep the Website in english while we focus inside our DACH Community in german. 

The Member Area isn't showing much?

The Member Area is free for everyone to register, but access is limited to member rights for specific areas. If you are a Member of the Insane Raccoons Community, contact one of the Moderators to have them grant you access to the full Member Area.

Why do I have to join Insane Raccoons to be a certain Staff?

Some positions require being active inside of the community, getting to know the member and players. Some of them also give a lot of inside / behind the scenes information, which requires you to be an official Staff and not just a Partner. 

Working as a Graphic Designer / Video Editor for / with Insane Raccoons.

You can either join the Community, be a Member of the family and work behind the scenes with the others while being an official Staff. 

Or you can work with us, as a Partner, on a basis both participants agree on. 

Me and my Team want to join, what are the requirements?

It highly depends and differs on what experience, game and motivation you offer but is mostly quite easy to solve. 

Fill in the Team Application and our Head of Esport will get in touch with you shortly after. 

What can you offer for me and my Team?

Esport Teams, no matter if Community, Academy or Main Teams will receive their private Team Area TS³ channel, as well as a game Server to train on, if the game allows so. 

Academy and Main Teams will also be provided with other resources, such as Tournament / League fees, if previously discussed with the Head of Esport. 

What does "#GetWrexed" mean?

#GetWrexed is a combination of “Get Rekt” and “Wrex”, the name of our Raccoon Mascot.

What is "beINSANE" ?

beINSANE is Insane Raccoons’ biggest project, involving their own LAN, Leagues, Tournaments and Gaming Lounge.

We’re working on it and will provide you with more information soon!


No problem! Please contact us.
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