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EVENTS 2020 / 2021

🇩🇪 12/2020 – X-Mas Special 

🇩🇪 12/2020 – New Years Special

🇩🇪 02/2021 – Valentine’s Special

🇩🇪 05/2021 – Birthday Special

🇩🇪 10/2021 – Halloween Special

🇩🇪 12/2021 – X-Mas Special


We started as a group, being ourselves and enjoying the games we were playing. We like the craziness in people and all of us have that little something you won’t find in another community.

Our Management is supportive, structured and always ready to play.


A family for those who would like to see us as such and an Organization, for those, who participate competitively and need the help and support. Join us today!

Something wasn’t mentioned? Read our FAQ to get more information.

  • Esport Support

    A dedicated Esports Team will support all joining or created Teams with all their tasks, whishes & issues. 

  • Resources are given

    We’ll make sure to provide Servers for training, as well as other needed resources. Such as Tournament / League fees and more.

  • Distinguished - but one big family!

    We distinguish our Teams in Main, Academy and Community Teams – but we make sure to give support to all of them. 

  • InsaneTV for and from our Streamers!

    We support our Streamers with graphics and promote them on all our platforms.

  • Community Events

    We host at least three IRL Events per year and at least one IG / Special Event per month.

  • Community WhatsApp Group

    Raccoons have access to our two internal WhatsApp Groups, one for random texting and the other for Announcements. 

  • Member activity

    An active member base guarantees you to never be bored again.

  • Communicate with your friends!

    Our Teamspeak³ Server is not only for Members. Your friends are also welcome!

Rocket League | Main

🇦🇹 Paddy    |    ?? TBA     |    ?? TBA   |    ?? TBA   

Counterstrike: Global Offensive | Main

🇩🇪 Hype1nZ     |    🇩🇪 NIIC     |    🇩🇪 Oxofrmbl     |    🇩🇪 Trudo      |    🇩🇪 crystaL    

Rainbow 6 Siege | Main

🇦🇹 PerplExi     |    🇦🇹 Reaper     |    🇩🇪 Sneaky    |    🇦🇹 Sunny     |      🇩🇪 GazZ     

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds | Main

🇩🇪 Palme     |    🇬🇧 Nailetss     |    🇩🇪 Bunuh   |    ?? TBA   

Valorant | Main

?? TBA     |    ?? TBA     |    ?? TBA    |    ?? TBA     |      ?? TBA      

Latest Tweets

Wir freuen uns euch @ARKYNcs als neuen Spieler in unserem Main Team vorstellen zu dürfen!😍

Mit folgendem LU greifen wir kommende Saison die Div. ... 2/3 Relegation an!


🧡lich Willkommen!!💪

#RaccoonsFAM #HYPE


ROA Rapidement vs @neXteSports3

@BallerManiaDE vs @Insane_Raccoons

... @wartexESPORTS vs @PandariceSports

@RVMultigaming vs @realgerdemon